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Re: Keeping Stitches Loose (Brand New Knitter)
Posted by: Alex (IP Logged)
Date: July 06, 2007 09:19PM

Are you using the appropriate needles for the yarn? A heavy yarn on small needles can result in tight stitches. If you are using the recommended needles, I'd be interested in how different your gauge is from the gauge norm on the yarn wrapper.

How are you knitting? Are you "throwing" the yarn with your right hand (English/American style) or are you holding the yarn in your left hand and "picking" it through with the tip of your right needle (Continental style)? Whichever you are using, try using the other for a while and see if that helps.

Are you forming the stitches up on the widest part of the shaft of your needles? If you are forming them with the tip and then barely squeezing them onto the needle so that you can get to the next one, try taking a little more time with each stitch and making sure that it is actually created on the shaft.

Are you tense about all of the mechanics involved? This is perfectly natural when you are a beginner. Shake your hands out after each row and whenever you feel any tension while you are knitting.

Are you using a yarn which causes you to perspire? I stay away from any synthetic yarns during the summer months because I am a naturally "tight" knitter and they make it a real problem. The stitches can get awfully tight under those circumstances. I don't have that problem with natural fibers and particularly like working with cotton during the summer.

I'm sure others will have more suggestions, but keep in mind that this is a rather common problem among beginners and the best thing you can do is to keep at it because practice is the only way to even out your gauge.

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