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need help with pattern
Posted by: born2stitch (IP Logged)
Date: September 06, 2007 06:43PM

I am hoping someone can help me here and I apologize now if this is long. I want to crochet a tablecloth from a book called "Complete Guide to Thread Crochet". it is and American School of Needlework publication and is by Rita Weiss. For anyone that may have this book, the pattern is called Pineapple Tablecloth and is on page 31. I am puzzled right off the start because it says "with 2 strands held tog, ch 6, join to form ring. I have never done this before. Now I did ask around and people are telling me the entire tablecloth is worked with 2 strands but I don't think it is and here's why. Maybe someone can give me some insight. In the same book on page 33 there is a pattern for a pineapple bedspread that you make following the first 13 rows of the pineapple tablecloth pattern. Here's the difference. the bedspread pattern uses the same thread as the tablecloth pattern but calls for a size4 metal hook as opposed to a size 7 the tablecloth pattern asks for. The tablecloth pattern states that one motif (guage is 6" square) requires 74 yds of cotton thread yet the bedspread states that one motif is 8 1/4 " square (which makes sense due to the different hook size being used) but it states that one motif requires 220 yds of thread. The bedspread pattern has a note just before the pattern starts that says" Bedspread is worked entirely with 2 strands of thread held together" there is not such note like this for the tablecloth pattern just what it says in the beginning and that is " with 2 strands held tog, ch6, join to form a ring. I think this is done to prevent having to work a tail in later? what does everyone think. Also at the end of the motif it says leave an 18" thread which you use later to sew the motifs together by carefully lining up the stitches and then using an overcast stitch through the back loops only. Could I not just do one continous row of single crochets to put the motifs together through both loops?

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  need help with pattern born2stitch 09/06/2007 06:43PM
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