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Re: knit vs crochet question
Posted by: Alex (IP Logged)
Date: December 18, 2007 04:43PM

I like MH's answer because most people will say that crochet is easier and, in some respects it is, but to make items which look good you have to be just as much respectful of such things as proper gauge, uniform stitches, wise choice of yarns or threads, and many other elements when you are crocheting as when you are knitting.

I guess the initial juggling act of knitting makes it seem more difficult, but only for a very short time (in my classes I've seen this last as little as a few minutes).

One of the major differences is that the fabric which results from crochet will almost always be thicker and firmer using the same materials and equivalent sized needles/hooks. It has a totally different look. And this gives even more weight to MH's advice to learn both crafts. Combining the two gives you even more options.

I'll personally say that for me it helps with the problems I've had to face with arthritis and repetitive stress. I can always go from one project to another. If knitting is cramping my hands a crochet project is a welcome relief and vice-versa.

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