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Re: Question about holding work
Posted by: Mother Hen (IP Logged)
Date: January 31, 2008 09:22AM

Hi Babe !

There are several ways of holding the Crochet and Knitting tools.
And just the same for working on your project.

Some of the ways I see ladies working , it amazes me that a beautiful Creation is the end result.

Now the stitches need to be formed the way they were designed , but how we hold our work to make it comfortable and enjoyable to us > that is our choice.

When I Knit I have very little movement with my needles and hands. The pulling of the yarn from the zip-lock bags is the greatest movement. I do not > throw the yarn with my right hand > it is between my fingers on my Left hand and I work it like Crochet.

Like I said most everyone I see has their own comfort Tips and Tricks that work for them.
I could never work as some I see.

I even CROCHET my starting row and CROCHET OFF the last row.
I hate the way the Knitting rows start and end !
BUT > " That Is Just The Way I Like It "

"I do not KNIT Sweaters " so this works with the items I make.
Most are Scarves and Squares with Picture patterns .

May you find a way that makes you happy and comfortable with your sewing.

Mother Hen <><
" Creating Is A God Thing "

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