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Re: I don't think I can do this
Posted by: Taryn (IP Logged)
Date: June 12, 2008 07:13PM

I was sleep deprived, had been up all night. I just woke up and that was only because my boyfriend woke me up. I paid attention to my crocheting last night and I do hold the chain while I'm doing it, my chains are pretty much all even. I'm pretty sue I'm only having the issue with the knitting right now because of my left wrist acting up, that and my hands don't seem to want to work. The video that somewhat helped is at [] appears to have everything. They also have stuff on crocheting but I haven't tried those yet, I know how to do it I just can't(they also have stuff on just about anything you can think of). I have 2 books on knitting, one of which came with the kit(Susan Bate's Learn Knitting kit,so My knitting Teacher). The other is on knitting crocheting and other stuff, basically a how to on about 5 different things. I have the I can't believe crocheting book and I have 3 or 4 others.Right now I wouldn't be so frustrated if I could simply cast on, I totally did not understand the instructions in the books for knitting. As I said I'm a perfectionist, which complicates things greatly. It's a new day, so time to try again. The main thing is holding the yarn while casting on, it's hard to hold it that way but no matter where I look you have to hold it that way to cast on. I'm sure I'll eventually get the hang of it, now if only my wrists would quit acting up. As I said my left wrist is really giving me problems, which doesn't help in castiong on. I figured I'd never get down crocheting but I can now chain fairly quickly and it looks pretty decent, of course I can't make anything that resembles the way it's supossed to look but it's a start. I live in a small town in Southern IL. I'm closest to St. Louis, MO, it's about 35 miles to St. Louis. Indianapolis(a 4 hour drive) is closer to us than Chicago. I would love to find personal help with it, I just don't know anyone to help me. The library here is all about useless. Let me put it this way, the high school's library has more books and a better selection than the public library(at least it was that way, when I graduated 11 years ago.) I'm just a little frustrated. I will check out the library see if they have anything useful. Like I said new day, new attempt to try and get started.Also my life is calm right now, well as calm as my life ever gets.I'm also not afraid of people, I'm just not fond of many of them around here(I'm not an image conscious soccer mom so I don't fit in.) Trust me, I could use some socialization, I think I made myself sound antisocial last night, but I'm not.
I might have to go to Borders or whatever and buy a few good books on it, like the happy hooker or one or 2 of the dummies books.
Well off to try and cast on.


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