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Re: I don't think I can do this
Posted by: CroCrazyKnitKnut (IP Logged)
Date: July 02, 2008 08:28PM

Hi Taryn,

I have been crocheting for years, but am crazy about the look of knits, especially what you can do with some of the great patterns and yarns now available in today's market. So, I set out determined to learn to knit. I've got the basics down, but am STILL having trouble "finding myself" when it comes to holding the yarn. I never had that trouble with crocheting. But, with knitting, I just can't find the method that's comfortable for me. Can I do it? Yes. Is it comfortable? Not yet, but I keep trying. That's the most frustrating part. And I agree with other posters who say if someone tells you there's one right or superior way to do it, then run. YOU have to find what's right and comfortable for you. Now, in regards to crocheting, I don't hold my hook the way I've seen a lot of people hold it's in their fist with the needle pointing upward. I just have no control over it that way. I hold my crochet hook kind of "pinched" between my thumb, index finger and middle finger with the end (opposite the hook part) resting in and over the hollow between my thumb and index finger. I put the yarn over the "pinkie" finger of the other hand, then over the index finger of the same hand and I point that finger straight to control the tension or flow of yarn. I "pinch" the chain/swatch I am working on between my middle finger and thumb of that same hand and that process seems to work for me. That may have completely confused you, but I'm trying to describe it since I can't show you in person. Now, I'm not saying this is THE best way...just the way that worked for me without having an unnatural feel and lots of pain in my fingers and wrists.

Now, for the knitting, there are SO many ways to hold the needles and yarn (not just English and Continental styles)...there are so many variations of each and I've seen it all. I went to a local knitting club and was flabbergasted by all of the different "styles" and each person has to find their own after they master the concept of what it is they are trying to do. I still haven't found the ideal for me, but I keep trying. Here is an AWESOME website that I could not live without and I frequently have the site up in front of me while I look at the demonstration videos as I'm trying something new. When you get your computer up and running, go to The video demonstrations on there really are fantastic and have helped me SO much.

I hope my info is helpful and that it provides at least a tidbit of useful advice! It's so rewarding to turn out a great piece of work. Crocheting is very "second nature" to me now and I hope that knitting becomes that way for me, too. I wish you the best, but don't give up! You will eventually find YOUR way and you'll love it, especially when you see something you've made with your own hands!

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