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i am so confused :(
Posted by: ponyfloat (IP Logged)
Date: February 01, 2009 07:20PM

i used to knit and now am learning to crochet. i found an easy pattern but im stuck at the beginning and don't understand what it much for easy!

ok here goes:

i get making the beginning loop, easy enough, but then it says: chain 4 (counts as beg ch 3 plus ch 1) do i chain 3 and the beginning chain is the 4th or do i chain 4?

then is says double chain in beginning i dc through the actual loop or through on of the chains, if through one of the chains, which one?

lastly (i hope) the next row starts with ch 4, i got that, then i says to dc in same st...i tried dc through the stich that is currently on the hook (to me that is the same stitch, i'm probably wrong) and it was not working.

the pattern seemed easy enough for a beginner...there are only 2 steps to follow, i just can't figure the steps out...please help.

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