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Help with Baby Booties Pattern

I have been crocheting for years, but it has always been afghans. Now that I am making baby booties I am having trouble understanding the pattern instructions. Ch 1, turn, sc in next 8 sc, sl st in next st on rrnd 4. The main thing I am having trouble with is how do you turn a round? Do you turn it and go back & work what you just worked? I would appreciate any help you can give me.


Joan ♥
I have made many of those turns on booties > it will work on the top of the toes part !
You will be working back over what you just made > try it and you will be so happy with the out come !

Some time you need to try and work out some of those instructions that seem to make us say <>
what does this mean ! ?
Mother Hen 1 ♥

It's lovely to see you posting here. It's been lonely without the veteran members of these Forum Boards.