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What is your favorite yarn to work with?

Hi all,
I almost always work with Red Heart Acrylic yarn for my amigurumi animals and blankets, but the other day I started making something with Lion Brand Wool Ease- Thick & Quick for a blanket and I love it. I was just wondering what kind of yarns you like working with, and what kind of stuff you make with them.


I like to work with a variety of yarns depending upon my projects.

I love to make afghans -- generally knit -- and I think that Plymouth Encore is a nice, reasonably priced worsted weight yarn.

Since I use size > 11 to J and larger hooks > and Knitting needles !
( I do some Knitting )
that allows me to use different Yarns and Treads !

When shopping at the Craft stores when I see a Color that catches my eye
or a new usable interesting Y / T , I want to use it for something even a plain
square or a scarf !

They say > " Variety Is The Spice Of Live " >
I think I am dated with this statement !! Ha ha ha ♥

I keep posting - but they are not showing ! ? ¿

Since I use size 11 to J and larger hooks and Knitting Needles >
I like to try all interesting colors and yarns / threads .

I am not in favor of the shiny soft yarns > I have to tie many knots and weave in's
to make sure they are secure ! ( Just Me )

Mother Hen 1 <><