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help with Bernat (1979) baby afghan pattern

I have come back to knitting after many years with an old Bernat kit to make a baby afghan called "40" Winks. It's not difficult or so I thought it just has a peculiar instruction that I cannot find anywhere to get help including the Bernat site! The instructions on part of it are: PFT2...skip next st, P in FRONT of next st, P skipped st; KFT2...skip next st, K in FRONT of next st, K skipped st; PBT2...skip next st, P in BACK of next st, P skipped st; KBT2...skip next st, K in BACK of next st, K skipped st. What I want to know is how does one purl in front or back of the next stitch and then purl or knit the skipped stitch. And where is the skipped stitch while all this is going on? If anyone can unscramble this and explain it to me I'd be forever grateful.