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Sensations Rainbow Boucle Problem

A friend picked out this yarn for me to knit a lengthwise stole/shawl in garter stitch. I used 10.5 needles to cast on 250 sts using long-tail and have done about two inches using #9 needles. The cast-on edge has very little elasticity while the body has a lot of stretch. I've tried several different types of cast-on and all have the same result. I'm concerned that the edge will not hold up in use. Any suggestions????


You might try the knit cast-on which can loop a little sloppy but is quite stretchy. Or, if you can tolerate a somewhat fiddly first row, do the backward loop cast-on, which is my default cast-on. Be sure to keey your needle tips close together working the first row to minimize creating "strings" between your stitches. However, these "strings" usually sort out after a wash.

You could also do the long-tail being sure to keep space between each stitch instead of snugging them up close. The bottom part of this cast-on, the tail that goes around your thumb is a backward loop cast-on and keeping this portions spaced out will make the long-tail more stretchy.