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Pattern creation

Hello everyone,

I ran across a clothing site and saw a few shirts and dresses that I fell in love with. I am looking for some pointers in making a pattern for one of the items I saw. I am not particularly interested in making this pattern available for others unless I get a lot of interest but I am curious in what kind of stitch to use. Also, would a cotton thread and metallic cotton thread for the base work this shirt? I plan on going out on the town with this shirt. Link is below. Thanks!


http://greatglam.com/pd-attack-it-black.cfm (front)
http://greatglam.com/auto_resize_blowup.cfm?prod_images_blowup/AttackItB... (back)


It looks like the top is basically a diamond shape with some criss-crossing straps to hold it in place on the back.

You could you a variety of yarns/threads and stitch patterns to create the diamonds. For the straps, you would want to pick a stitch that will not stretch too much -- maybe just do single cross??? I would actually try out the strap first using the yarn/thread you plan for the front and see how much the strap stretches. After you complete the strap, you might be able to help stabilize, minimize the stretching by doing slip stitch on both sides of the strap, or weaving strands of the yarn/thread along the back side of the strap.

Oops, I forgot that I crochet and not knit so that's probably why I didn't find that type of stitch. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions. I really appreciate it.


was meant to be single crochet.