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Holiday Knitting

Anybody working on presents for the holidays? I told myself this year I wouldn't do this -- gift cards for everyone. But then I bought some Mondial Frivola -- one of those yarns with lines of pom poms or bobbles joined together with a thread that creates a scarf that looks like all pompoms -- and am intrigued at the idea of doing fun scarves in about an hour. The cost of the yarn is keeping from actually doing this.

And at my guild meeting, I decided to help one of our members whose grandson's school is knitting baby shirts for a charity group.

More projects after I promised myself to finish some long overdue UFO's.

And of course, because I'm doing these new projects and feeling sorry for myself, I had to do some yarn shopping! LOL


Yes, KT, I've found myself in that trap, too. The cost of mailing gifts last year, even though they were sets of printed recipes from 'ye olde family files' was prohibitive, so I decided I'd do lighter weight gifts for those kids. In this case, purchased dishtowels and knitted cloths fill the bill. For the locals, I wanted to finish an afghan that I'd begun last January, but found that a bit difficult what with the chemo and joint pain it sometimes causes (not to mention the days of malaise immediately following treatment). So goes plans for another hand-knit Christmas! I do hope you can do your one-hour scarves and be successful with other knitting ventures as well.

Happy Knitting!!!


I promised my son I'd replace his Ragna scarf (Lavold's Viking Patterns for Knitting) which he left at a friend's house a couple of years ago and never saw again. At least it's an interesting knotwork pattern. I don't get bored to tears doing it and I have a pattern-repeat goal to shoot for every time I pick it up. I think I'll surprise him with a matching hat as well, although he'll probably think that's kind of dorky.

I am planning on sending to Lionbrand for some of the Metalic Fun Fur .
I think my 3 DIL need some sparkle stuff this year.
I usually Crochet some Tree ornament ,
but I will Knit them some Scarves this year !
I have Crocheted a Football for our Grandson, and a
purse that turns into a cradle for 1 of our 6 Granddaughters.
Gee I didn't think I was gonna do so many hand made igifts !

Mother Hen -- It's scary sometimes to add up all my projects but sometimes so satisfying when I can tick off all the ones I've finished.

Alex -- If your son finds the matching hat dorky, you can send it to me.

When the same son looked at the Harald photo in that book he made a comment that was a little more severe than "hang a 'kick me' sign on my back." If I send you the hat, I'll make him pay the postage.

Question about the pom-pom yarn: do you just let the balls fall where they may and treat it as a reversible fabric? Is it odd to work with?

You work with the string of yarn between the pom poms. Using a US13, with the Mondial Frivola I was able to work 2 stitches between each pom pom. There is actually just one layer of pom pom in the final knitted piece.

I used the backward e cast-on because it would be very difficult, and use up too much of the yarn in my opinion to work any other cast-on. Besides with just 4 stitches it isn't that difficult to control the tension over that length. Just be sure to always knit with just the string and not let the pompom part wrap around your needle.

After my cast-on, be sure that your "tail" includes some of the string that you can weave into your knitting so that the first pompom isn't just "hanging" there with a tail. Same thing when finishing up the last stitch. As to joining yarn, I just did a square knit trying to create approximately the same amount of length of string as the rest of the yarn so I could work two stitches.

My daughter wore both the red and tri-color (as in tri-color dog colors) to work and intrigued her math teacher enough for her to ask for directions and yarn info. I've got two more balls in a purple that I'll make up into a scarf for her flute teacher, who liked the red one my daughter wore and said "purple is my color." LOL

I just took a look at some of the Frivola scarves on various sites. Cute. Imagine the work if you were to try to do all that by yourself! Not for me, but the granddaughters would love it. Maybe the novelty will wear off in a year or so and we'll be able to pick it up on the cheap....

Stumbled upon the answer to part of my Christmas dilemma this morn when daughter #1 asked for a pair of knitted slippers. She remembered ones from her childhood. I've begun a pair of them from memory, but it caused me to pause and wonder if any of you have favorite knitted slipper patterns.

Happy Knitting!!! Marian

I knit slippers for charities my knitting guild supports.

I do the ubiquitous slipper that's got the garter stitch body and rib toe. I've adapted this to knitting in one piece so I don't have seams to sew.

I also do the easy slipper from Barbara Breitner's website -- Knittingonthenet.com It's all in garter and has a little collar.

And a friend from the guild adapted a baby moccasin slipper to adult sizes. Her pattern is at our guild website at: sandnseaguild.org

It always takes me a little bit of time to remember the stitch count but after I make one slipper I'm good for the rest. I've got lots of acrylic yarns that I use doubled for these slippers to make them nice and cushy.

I do a stockinette toe version of the garter body slipper and I also work the toe in the round. When I make them in baby size, after I close up the back seam I pick up stitches around the opening and add a length of stockinette cuff. They really stay on baby feet.

I really like heavy bed socks and wear them all winter. I just use a standard all-2x2-rib cuff to toe pattern, work it in heavy yarn, and make the cuff extra long. These would work for diabetics too because the cuff is non-binding.