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Need help with lion pattern

I am trying to crochet a lion pattern that I found on liine but I am having trouble with one section.
Can you please help.

the pattern is at http://www.naturallycaron.com/projects/pretoria/pretoria_1.html

the section im having trouble with is the follwoign:

With A, form adjustable ring.

Rounds 1–10: Work Rounds 1–10 of head—60 sc.

Any help would be apprecitated!
Thank you


Is it the wording "Work Rounds 1-10 of head" that is giving you trouble? That makes it look like you are supposed to work over those rounds or something.
It should read "Work AS rounds 1-10...."

Is there something else that's a problem?

By the way, that is one cute pattern. I think I'll make it after I finish all the holiday catch-up K&C I have to do.

I'm doing a couple of knitted toys from Kath Dalmeny's World of Knitted Toys. It's a wonderful book with more varieties of animals (and people) than I've seen in any other collection. Just knitting, unfortunately, but if you do both it's a winner.

Is your question about forming an adjustable ring?
If I remember correctly, wrap the tail end around two fingers 2-3 times, crochet into that circle (just as you would normally in a ring of chains), then pull the tail end so the circle closes tightly.

The pattern actually includes the alternate directions for an adjustable ring, the procedure involving just holding the ring and working into it. I actually find that easier than working it around my finger.

This reminds me that several years ago a woman who identified herself as a frequent judge of crocheted items said that if she didn't find centers begun that way the item lost points (I believe she said something like "it goes to the bottom of the pile"). In other words, she didn't approve of slip knots. Another writer countered though that she had won a national contest and had begun her work with slip knots. Another craft disagreement that will no doubt not be settled in my lifetime....