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SPAM Posts

Have you noticed that several of these spammers have submitted "test" messages before they begin posting their spam messages? I was reading on another board, which is heavily moderated, and noted that in less than a week, two new people posted the identical "I'm new" message.

I wonder what kind of business model these spammers are using that makes it worthwhile to post to what are obviously special-interest boards. I realize that if you have enough volume, you will get some bites but unless they have gotten really sophisticated with programs that will create accounts with some of these new safeguards to replicate oddball letters, etc., it seems to me to be a waste of time to be creating accounts here just to post some Cialis and Viagra ads. These boards don't get that much traffic and unless people are knitting and crocheting to avoid dealing with other "issues" it would be like trying to sell a freezer to someone in the middle of a winter blizzard who has no electrical power supply.


Thank you, KT. I'm glad you're able to "pass the test" and get into the loop. Still am disappointed that we seem to have lost so many participants with this new program designed to eliminate spam. Actually, when I see certain names as posters I avoid going to that site because I 'know' it will be spam oriented. What a shame! All the work that went into creating this new forum and the spammers are into it worse than ever.

Ah well ... MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone and Happy Knitting New Year!!!