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Missing Being able to CONTACT Privately > You Friends !

My Computer went down before Christmas
and I lost the Private e-mail Addresses I had for
Kt - Alex - and Craftsman . and a few other gals.
Not being able to ask you things privately on this NEW Board just
is a Bummer !
This Air Head "ANDY 93" and what other Numbers that that ????
is using has caused this awesome site that we have used for about 5 or more years.
I have learned soooo much from you guys and I do think of the HELP that I have received also.
I have a file with the TIPS and Patterns that you all have shared.
It makes me sad when I open this site and see how it has been abused and
used to cause many that need HELP to search elsewhere.
I think the Knowledge and experience that you have shared has been priceless.
The Monitors/Administrators of this site are losing many Crafters that want to create
hand made gifts and even heirlooms or patterns from past memories !

If there is a way that we can contact each other Privately let me know how >
since I can't find it on this NEW BOARD ????

I always say that " Creating Is A God Thing " but " Miss-use is destruction " Amen

Mother Hen <><