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What do certain directions mean. MARKING A ROW

What does "marking a row," do? I see directions and on TV that they either put a plastic ring or a yarn on a row. What does that mean? What am I looking for and why is it needed? Thanks everyone!!


Marking a row is nothing more than just that - marking it. You might be marking it to designate which is the right (public) side or the wrong side, or it could be the first row in a pattern made up of several rows, or it could be a row which you will be dipping down into after you've worked several more rows to form a long-stitch pattern.

Designating the right side is very frequently the reason.

A safety pin is a cheap and handy marker.

To add to what Alex said, I like to mark the row on which I begin my armhold decreases for sweaters. I place my mark about 10 or more stitches in from my last decrease so that I ahve an easy way to measure the length of my armhole. I've also had drop-sleeve sweater patterns have you mark a certain point on the edge of the back and front which will be where the "armhole" begins when sewing in or picking up stitches for the sleeves.