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Mary Jane baby booties

I have the instrctions from Coats and Clark. I am completely lost at the place where it says join cuff. These instrctions make no sense to me. If anyone can help I would be grateful.


It would help if you would post the directions for the row before, the row you are having problems, and maybe the row after.

I have crocheted what looks like a T. The bottom of the T is the sock front the top is where I have ended. The last sentence is repear until sock measures 5" accross entire width, ending with right side row. This I have done no problem. Now for the cofusing part, it did not say to fasten off. The next thing says join cuff: fold cuff with right sides together, sc through outer loops of both sides. Do not fasten off.Then we go to Sock Edging: Ch 1, sc evenly along bottom edge of cuff,sc 12 along side of sock top place marker in last st,sc 13 along front of sock top,sc12 along side of sock top place marker in first st, sc 12 along bottom edge of cuff: join to 1st sc. Fasten off. I have read and read this but just don't get it.

From your description of what you have crocheted, is it correct to say that the cross part of the "T" is your cuff? If so, then fold this cross part in half so you now create a "7" instead of a "T." Be sure that you have the right sides facing each other. Then work along the short ends and crochet them together with an sc worked through the loop of each piece.

Does this make sense given what the pattern calls for? If not, then do what you think you are supposed to do and if your working yarn is not in the right place, use another strand of working yarn to move forward on your pattern. It may be that they forgot to add the instructions to break off and rejoin.