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modified single crochet

I would love to make this wrap as a gift for a friend but I can't get past the foundation row!! It is a pattern from caronnaturally.com made from spa yarn and it is called oasis wrap. I do not understand the instructions for "mod-sc".Pattern begins with "ch2 ,sc in top loops of second ch from hook(counts as mod-ch),*ch1, mod-sc in previous sc;repeat from * until 195 mod-sc have made, ch1-195 mod-sc".Then onto round two.I am stumped by the mod-sc in previous sc. Where is that previous sc?????????????? P.S. the pattern is free online at caronnaturally.com if anyone would be willing to take a look and help me understand this technique. A picture of the stitch would really help if anyone knows where to find one!


I just looked up the pattern...under SPECIAL TERMS it explains how to make the modified sc.

I can't figure this stitch out either and I've been crocheting for 40 years or more but the answer you were given was useless!! Duh! Anyone who read the online pattern could see the explaination that was written but that doesn't mean we understood how it worked. As the person before me said a picture would be great (or a least a better step by step explaination) The only answer that was given sounded like my 5th grade teacher, "Read the directions, Stupid" Give me a break

Have you found any help with this? I'm like you, I can't understand where the previous SC is, and when I just do what I think, the second row then doesn't work-where are the front loops?

I too tried this shawl. After several evening of trying to figure out the modified Single crochet I finally gave up. I just did a chain stitch and worked both sides of the chain. It seems to look fine. I just added 2 chains when I started working the rows.

I think the term modified sc is really foundation sc which is a chainles first row!  look @ the video,,,I too printed the pattern and will try it tomorrow and let you know!

mamarose22 commented that info on modified single crochet could be found under SPECIAL TERMS. Where do I find this? I will check out the you tube video.