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removing pet hair from crocheted items

How do you remove pet hair ie cat hair, dog hair from crocheted items? My furry four legged children aren't always on the project I'm working on and in some cases totally ignore the project. I understand allergies very well and do not want to make someone sick with an item I have crocheted. I would like to be able to crochet children or baby items for charity groups. It's hard to resist the beautiful yarns and cute patterns available that are quick and easy to crochet for children and babies. I need to add that washing items do not always remove the pet hair. I have crocheted and washed samples and I always find at least 1 pet hair on it. Thank you for your suggestions.


I suggest getting in touch with the charity you want to support to see if they have any particular requirements for donated items.

It is my understanding that it is the dander that may be on the hair that causes allergic reactions and not necessarily the hair itself. If it is only a few hairs, you may want to take the time to manually pluck any hair on your items before you wash the item. I would then label the item as coming from a home with pets (specify what kind of pets).

Other than making sure you pluck out stray hairs, the only thing I can think of that will actually dissolve any hairs would be bleach which would very likely damage or weaken your yarn.