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Please please help!! CROOKED SEAM

I am trying to make a double crochet hat. Up to the point I stop increasing my rows my stitch is straight but when I begin to do the part that is just repeated to make the hat longer I gain a stitch every row. :( I am doing ch3 -dbl crochet into the stitch @ the seam as the pattern calls for. Plz help I am so frustrated I want to give up.


If you are at the part where you are working plain -- that is no more increases and no decreases -- then you should begin with a ch-3 but then your first dc should be into the next stitch, not the same one as you did to create your ch-3. The ch-3 is used to raise your row up to the correct height for the dc. If you began immediately with a dc, you would have a slanted first stitch.

Count your stitches. If you are supposed to have 40 stitches, you should have 39 dc's plus your ch-3 to make 40 stitches.