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Getting Started

is there a good book or maybe videos you would recommend for a new person? I just keep tying knots, I am trying to be patient and follow the instructions I have but, I just keep messing up after 5 or 6 turns of the needles.

I would love your advice, I am a mother with a great deal of time on my hands during naps and laundry time... I think this would be a very fun activity if i can only learn how to do it



You posted in the crochet forum but you referred to needles, which are the tools usually used in knitting? I am assuming that you want to learn how to crochet rather than knit.

There's beginner information on the Craftyarncouncil.com site, as well as at crochet.about.com And if you google for learn to crochet instructions, you will get links to videos on YouTube and elsewhere on how to crochet.

And there's always books like Crocheting for Dummies. Check them out through your library, or look through them at a local bookstore, to see if a book would be helpful for you.