Crochet Hearth Rug

Richly textured Pineapple motif is adapted to a floor rug. Adds warmth in front of the fireplace or makes a practical addition for kitchen and bath.

Approximate finished size: 44 by 32.


  1. 35 ozs. 4-ply worsted-weight yarn
  2. Size J crochet hook, or size to obtain given gauge.
Gauge: 11 double crochet = 4
To save time, take time to check gauge.

Note: Use double strand throughout.

Raised Double Crochet: When worked on a right side row: Yarn over (yo), insert hook in space before stitch (st) from front to back, bring hook across back of st and out in the space after st, going from back to front and around the post of the stitch, draw up a loop, (yo and draw through 2 loops) twice. When worked on a wrong side row: Yo, insert hook in space before st from back to front; bring hook across front of the st and out in next space after the st, going from front around post of the st and to back; draw up a loop, (yo and draw through 2 lops) twice.

Rug: with double strand, chain (ch) 113.


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of these instructions. We cannot be responsible, however, for variances in individual techniques, human errors or typographical mistakes.

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