CYC tries macrame

Large Macrame Curtain

So for the past few months, I have been looking at tons of Macrame. Curtains, Banners, Wall hangings, you name it. I have been dying to work on one but kept putting off in lieu of other projects. Lucky for me, CYC tried Macrame and Yarn Banners this month! Here is what we did!


Material we used:

11 Skiens of Red Heart Grande


Metal Rod

2 8 foot ladders


While I was behind the camera for the Giant Macrame Piece, Candace measured and cut the strands of Red Heart Grande.

We tied each of the strands to a metal rod using a securing knot seen below:


After all the strands were attached we started knotting. Starting on the left side, we took the strands closest to each other and tired a simple double knot continuing all the way to the end. We repeated this process forming a diamond shape down each row.

You can contine you tie as far down as you would like. We stopped at 18 rows in order to create this curtain effect.
This project is easy, and you can hand the finished banner anywhere!

Small Macrame Banner

The second Macrame Banner we created was a little less difficult to tackle because of the easy to manage lengths of each strand of yarn.


Material we used:

2 Skiens of Red Heart Grande (2 colors)

1 Skein of Lion Brand Thick and Quick


Wooden Dowel


We attached the strands of yarn to the wooden Dowel as seen below:

After we created the color patten we wanted, We tied 6 triple square knots using the cream colored yarn on each side of the banner. You can learn how to make the perfect square knot here.

After the body of the macrame was complete, we cut the bottom of the banner shaping it into the pointed banner shape you can see in the finished piece.