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Old Baby Patterns and Yarn

I have an old pattern book that calls for baby wool. I have tried to substitute baby fingering yarn by Patons, it's a super fine #1 size. This yarn is still too heavy to get the proper gauge . I remember using baby yarn many years ago that was finer than this baby fingering but can no longer find anything similar. Any suggestions?


Is your yarn about 388 yards/343 meters per 100 grams? If so, you may want to look for fingering weight yarn that is 420 yards/400 meters per 100 grams. This is a pretty standard put-up for what many call "sock yarn". "Fingering weight" can encompass a range of yarns so I would look for yarn that gives more yardage for the same amount of "weight" as one indicator of "finer" yarn.

If even something between 420-460 yards/100 grams is still too heavy, you could look at lace-weight yarns. They range anywhere from 600-1000 yards/100 grams. Lace-weight yarns tend to be more available in yarn shops or on-line although I think that Paton's or Bernat has come out with a lace-weight line.

What kind of gauge does your pattern require?