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Please help me, I am trying to understand a pattern.


I am learning how to crochet, and I am trying a project, but I am not sure if I understood the instructions, mainly the Row 2. This is part of the instructions:
Body Ch  109  (123,  137).
Row  1  (Right  Side):  Dc  in  4th  ch  from  hook,  dc  in  next  ch   and  in  each  ch  across;  turn  –  107  (121,  135)  sts.
Row  2: Ch 3, skip first dc, dc in next dc, and in each dc across,  dc  in  top  of  ch-­3;  turn.
Repeat  Row  2  until  20  (22,  24)”  from  beginning.  Fasten  off.

My questions is: does this mean that I should decrease or I always keep the same size? That is, when I finish the body, it should have 121sts as it has in the beginning or less?

I will copy and paste one more part of the pattern, in case you need more information:
Side  Seams
Fold  Body  in  half  with  right  sides  together  so  that  piece  is   now  10  (11,  12)”  high  x  32  (36,  40)”  wide.  Sew  side  seams   from  bottom  corners  toward  fold  line  through  12  (14,  15)   sc  of  both  thicknesses  leaving  40  (40,  45)  sc  free  for  each   Sleeve  opening.

Thank you!

KT wrote 3 years 19 hours ago

As I read your Row 2

As I read your Row 2 instructions, you will be maintaining the same stitch count. You skip the first dc because the turning ch-3 takes the place of working a dc into this first stitch. You then dc into every previous dc and then into the top of the previous ch-3.

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