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Need Help in Reading the Pattern for Cardi

Please help me understand for the side edging pattern:

Side Edgings
With right side facing, join yarn in right-hand edge of Row
1; ch 1, work 64 (68, 75) sc across row ends. Fasten off.
Repeat Edging on left edge.

Do I have to single crochet from going up or side ways from right to left?

I am crocheting a cardigan on the pattern it says for the side seams:

Fold Body in half with right sides together so that piece is
now 10 (11, 12)” high x 32 (36, 40)” wide. Sew side seams
from bottom corners toward fold line through 12 (14, 15)
sc of both thicknesses leaving 40 (40, 45) sc free for each
Sleeve opening.

Please explain it to me if i need to fold the body lengthwise or crosswise?

Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.


If you could provide a link to the pattern, or the source of your pattern, it would be helpful.

I would fold your sweater piece in whatever direction you need to get you the dimensions provided by the pattern.

As to the edge, as I read what you have written, you will be working a row of sc along your front edges. Because you will be working with the public side of your sweater facing you, on one side you will be working from bottom to top and for the other side you will be working from top to bottom.

I would get a close look at the Picture of the Sweater - use a Magnifying Glass > BUT
I like to sometimes put my own edge on things !
I > Try several ways > and see which one I like best .

We can use our own ideas > cause it is our CREATION !

"Creating Is A God Thing " M♥ther Hen

Thanks for the your help. This is the link of my pattern http://www.redheart.com/files/patterns/pdf/LW2357.df
I am having a hard time understanding the side edgings and the side seams. Hope you can help me.