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Need Help in Reading the Pattern for Cardi

I need help in understanding the pattern for my cardigan. Here is the link of the my pattern:


I am having a hard time understanding the side edgings and side seams instructions. For the side edgings I am confused as the direction of my single crochet. Will my single crochet starts towards the left from the foundation chain or going upwards?

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you once again.


Thank you for the pattern link.

For your left front, when you have the front edge on top with the right-side facing, in order to do the sc edge you will start at the neckline and work down to the hem. For your right front, you will start at the hem and work to the neckline.

As to the side seams, It appears that the body is basically a rectangle and that you worked the rectangle from the long end up. In other words, your foundation chain formed one of the long sides, the length that you work this piece represents the short sides.

When the instructions tell you to fold the body in half, they are telling you to fold it along the long side -- bring one long side to the meet the other long side. You will have then halved the width of your rectangle from whatever length you crocheted the body 20 (22, 24) inches down to 10 (11,12) inches.