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Need Help in Reading the Pattern for Cardi

Here is the link of my pattern: http://www.redheart.com/files/patterns/pdf/LW2357.pdf

Thank you for the explanation in doing the side edging. I want to know as how many single crochet do I have to make for the side edging? I did make 68 single crochet as indicated in parenthesis on the pattern but when I tried to sew the side side seams some portions doesn't have any single crochet is that normal?

For the side seams: what does the pattern mean:

Sew side seams from bottom corners toward fold line through 12 (14, 15) single crochet of both thicknesses leaving 40 (40, 45) single crochet free for each sleeve opening.

I am confused about the instruction single crochet of both thicknesses leaving 40 single crochet free for each sleeve opening.

Thank you very much for your help and patience in explaining everything to me.


I think I confused you with my previous response. I was thinking about a shaped body instead of the rectangle that forms the basis of this shrug.

Consider that a rectangle has two long sides and two short sides. You will be working the sc edging along both of the short sides. When you work the sc's, be sure that the right side is facing you.

After you finish the sc edges, fold the rectangle in half lengthwise. In other words, if the rectangle was 32 inches long and 20 inches wide, fold it so that it is still 32 inches long and now just 10 inches wide. Then you sew your side seams to create the sleeves. I would begin at the sc edge and sew along the edge towards the middle. I would then do the same on the other side. If you sew this way, there shouldn't be any unevenness between the sc's and the side seam.

When you finish sewing the side seams you will have a rectangle that is folded in half and partially seamed closed at both ends to form the sleeves. You will then do your crochet edging around both short ends to form the sleeve edgings. You will then crochet around the unsewn portions of the long side of the rectangle to do you body edging.

If the pattern had provided a schematic, I think that you would instantly "see" what they are asking you to do. Unfortunately, I don't know how to draw a diagram into these responses.