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Tunic Pattern question #2

I tried to reply to the answer on my previous posting but it didn't let me, it said it had to be reviewed or something? I waited one day to see if it would be posted but hasn't happened. Sorry I am making a new post.

I have one more question now that I am looking again at the pattern I am to do next:

Est patt:
Set-up Row: P14, *place marker (pm), p19, pm, p5; rep from * across for 2 (2, 3, 3) times more, pm, p19, pm, p14.
Row 1 (RS): K14 for St st, *Body Pat Row 2 over 19 sts, k5 for St st; rep from * across, ending Body Pat Row 2 over 19 sts, k14 for St st.
Row 2: Purl across.
Row 3: Dec 1 st each edge, cont in est pat across.
Cont est patt, dec 1 st each edge every 8th (16th, 8th, 16th) row for 10 (5, 10, 5) times more – 97 (107, 121, 131) sts.
Work even until 20” from beg, ending WS.

It says to continue the est patt but decreasing. Please correct me:

in row 3 I would decrease, then K12 (since decreasing requires 2 stitches), then continue with the pattern of row 1.
then row 4 would be like row 2
row 5 like row1
row 6 like row2
row 7 like row1
row 8 like row2
row 9 like row 1
row 10 like row 2
row 11 like row 3 (time to decrease)
and so forth

would it be this way?

And then (just checking I am right) would just be the normal knit 14 because we are in the RS, right?: k14 for St st



The nice thing about this pattern is that all your decreasing will be done on the edges which are done in plain stockinette so you don't need to fiddle with adjusting your stitch pattern count.

After you do your first decrease at both ends you will have just 13 stitches of stockinette on the sides.Assuming you are working the smallest size, you then work 7 rows of 13 stitches of stockinette on both sides and the pattern panels as directed by your stitch pattern directions. Then on the 8th row, you will decrease on both edges so you would either k2tog or p2tog (I'm not counting out what you will be doing on this work) then work another 11 stitches then your stitch pattern, etc. Work another 7 rows with 12 stitches of stockinette on the sides, etc. then on the 8th row do your k2tog or p2tog, work another 10 stitches, etc. You will do decreases on the 8th row a total of 11 times -- your original decrease row plus the 10 more times indicated in the directions.

Think of it this way -- when you work those decreases you are eating into the stockinette panels on both ends of your tunic. All the other stitches will be worked as established so the stitches reserved for your stitch pattern will continue to be worked in the stitch pattern, any stitches used to set off stitch pattern panels will be worked as presented.

thank you KT!

so simple and me trying to make it complicated ;-)

Now I see....