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crochet piece actually leans to the left

It's just a straight piece done on right side half double and back side row in sc but instead of growing straight it is growing at an angle: \ \
The hdbl row begins with a chain 2 and the sc row begins with a chain 1. Help - what am I doing wrong???


It can sometimes be tricky to determine where to begin the first full stitch of a row after the chain that raises you up to begin the sc or hdc. Try starting in the next stitch over for your first stitch and work your last stitch of a row into the top of the turning chain.

If you are doing that, get a different yarn and practice out the stitch pattern. If you don't have any biasing with a different yarn, then it could be that the yarn itself is overspun and biasing your work. This can occur in knitting and it might be the possible cause of your problem if you don't have any of these issues working this pattern with other, different yarns.

Will blocking take care of the bias yarn problem mentioned in the 'crochet piece actually leans to the left' question and answer?