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I am just finishing a knitted doily from circular needles. Now the last instructions are to crochet an edging. I'm like so many other knitters and have no idea how to do that.
Can someone point me to some type of youtube video that would show me how to do the following.

So far I still have all my stitches on my circ needle then it states:
Row 87: knit around
Then...Knit 1 stitch on to right hand needle and then finish off with a crochet hook. Where crochet terms differ, UK/US (not sure what that last sentence means)

*3 stitches tog with dc/sc, 8 chain*, repeat till end of round

This is the pattern that I got off of Ravelry.


"Where crochet terms differ, UK/US "

The same stitch is given a different name in the UK versus in the US so the pattern is telling you that it is giving you both names for the same stitch. For example, where it says "3 stitches tog with dc/sc, 8 chain" the dc is the UK term for the stitch to use and sc is the US term to use for the stitch. It can be a bit confusing, particularly for a first time crocheter since the same abbreviations are used in both countries -- they just refer to different stitches.

You can find common US crochet abbreviations at this Craft Yarn Council website. You can also find information on how to get started crocheting.

ch = chain
sl stitch = slip stitch
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet (so the UK use of double crochet refers to the same stitch that in the US is called single crochet)
tc or trc = treble crochet
hdc = half double crochet.

On the Craft Yarn Council website, look for instructions on how to make a single crochet stitch. Starting with a loop on your crochet hook, what the instructions are saying is that insert your hook into 3 stitches off your doily edge, wrap your yarn around your hook and pull it these three stitches -- you now have two loops on your hook. Now wrap the yarn around your hook again and pull it through these two loops -- one sc completed.

To chain, pull a loop of yarn through the loop that is currently on your hook -- one chain made. Repeat this 7 more times to make a total of 8 chains. You have a loop on your hook.

Now insert your hook through the next three stitches on your left needle, wrap your yarn and pull it through these three stitches. Repeat those steps I set out above.

What I suggest you do is take another set of needles and some smooth yarn and make a swatch. Then practice this bind off on your swatch.

The chains will form a pretty looped edge to your doily. If you need to complete your project and you do not want to fiddle with this cast-off, just do any cast-off that is loose so that you can easily block out your doily. I am sure that your doily will still look very pretty with a plain edge.