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thumb gusset

I'm trying to knit my first wristlet and I'm lost. I was ok until I bo on the wristlet part. I was able to arrange the thumb stitches from the stitch holder to 3 dpns. Now I'm stuck....

The pattern continues: Rejoin yarn at thumb opening, k11, pick up and k 2 sts

How do i rejoin the yarn? I know how to join yarn but how do i re-join yarn. Was I supposed to leave a bigger tail from the bo to rejoin? Or do I join from the skein?

Do I k11 then pick up 2 and then join the dpns? Do i pick up 2 then k11 then join the dpns? Or don't I join at all? I've never knitted from dpns without joining

Where do I pick up the 2 stitches? I am soooooooooooooooooo confused.

I hope this makes sense. Can I post an image of my thumb hole? Is the IMG tag allowed?

I would appreciate any help you could offer. Thank you in advance!


Simpler answer first -- to join your yarn just start knitting with your skein of yarn leaving a tail that you will weave in later. Be careful not to pull the tail through when you start and the first time you go over these stitches but by your second row over, it will all hold in place.

If you are going to use 13 stitches to continue knitting the thumb gusset, then where you pick-up the two stitches will be in that part of the mitt that will sit in the crease between the thumb and the body of the mitt. You are picking up stitches here to help close-up the gap. Just add these two new stitches to the dpn you use to pick them up.

You cannot add photos to your post but you can post a link to your photo.

Thank You KT. I'm a little new to dpn circular knitting so I have a very newbie question. If my dpns are arranged in a triangle. When I start to k my 11 do I attach the yarn to the dpn to the left (#1) dpn using a 4th dpn? Then just knit around as usual picking up the 2 stitches with my #1 dpn that I attached the yarn to?

Does that make sense?