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Elf slipper

I want to crochet these elf slippers but wasn't sure if I need to star with geometric pattern first or slipper? Please help

Mother Hen 1 wrote 2 years 23 weeks ago

Elf Slipper

I sure do like this Slipper Pattern > I am gonna make this pattern.
KT has made the instructions very clear .
I want to make mine with 2 colors > the effect is even more HAPPY !

MH ♥

KT wrote 2 years 23 weeks ago

You are working your slipper

You are working your slipper in the geometric stitch pattern.

Many directions will have a section at the beginning where any special stitch pattern is described, as well as special abbreviations, before going into the directions for the item itself. That is the case with this pattern. It tells you first how the geometric stitch pattern will be worked so that when it comes time for the slipper directions, it can focus on how to make the slipper itself.

If it is the slipper, rather than the design on the slipper that appears to you, you could make it in just one color.

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