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Leaving Tail at end of Square

I am new to this site and excited about getting started. I have made squares for Knit a Square for Africa, and those instructions had us leave a 1 1/4 yd tail at the end of the square at time of binding off to use to sew squares together. Is this also needed on your squares? If not, I am confused on how they would be put together. Please let me know as I am feverishly making them now to be dropped off at our local Michaels Store in 2 weeks! Thx so much!


How wonderful of you to make squares for Warm Up America.

These Forum Boards are probably not the best place to ask this type of question since they are not monitored by Craft Yarn Council staff but more a place for knitters and crocheters to post messages.

It was my recollection there are no specific guidelines for tails on the squares. You may want to use one of the Craft Yarn Council's contact addresses to ask your question.

Or ask you store instructor which method she/he prefers. If you are dropping off in Selinsgrove, I prefer no tail, but will happily and gratefully accept whatever you give.