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Help with Bernat Pattern - Softee Baby - Baby Shower Booties

I'm a beginning knitter but just finished my first pair of baby shower booties using the Bernat pattern. They were a huge success...such a huge success that a girlfriend of mine wanted to know if I could knit a pair for her. Trouble is, I don't know how to increase the baby shower booties pattern into a grown-up booties pattern. Any help would be greatly appreciated! My girlfriend is very ill, in and out of hospital frequently, and these would make a fantastic "get well soon" gift for her, besides keeping her feet warm in the hospital.

Thank you in advance!


Not knowing which Bernat pattern you used, it is difficult to suggest how you might adjust the pattern to make a larger size. Can you provide more information about the pattern name, or even a link to the pattern if it is on-line?

There are tons of adult slipper patterns and many of them are available for me. If you are a member of www.Ravelry.com there is a huge data base of patterns you could look through. It is free to become a member but you do need to register.

This would be such a thoughtful gift for your friend. I hope that we can help you make it happen.


Is this the Pattern >?
Mother hen <>< ♥