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difficult in reading the pattern

hi can anyone with the this pattern i am not able to understand this step

please explain me

*K13. M1. K14 (14-13-13- 9). M1. Rep from * 5 (5-6-6-8) times more. K2 (2-2-2-4). 176 (176-198- 198-220) sts.
Work Chart to end of chart reading rows from right to left, noting 22 st rep will be worked 8 (8-9-9-10) times.
Next rnd: With MC, knit.
Next rnd: *K13. K2tog. K12 (12-11- 11-7). K2tog. Rep from * 5 (5-6-6-8) times more. K2 (2-2-2-4). 164 (164- 184-184-202) sts.
With MC, cont knitting in rnds until Skirt from beg measures 8¾ (9¼-10- 11-12½) ins [22 (23.5-25.5-28-32) cm].
Next rnd: *K1 (2-2-3-2). K2tog. K2. K2tog. Rep from * to last 3 (4-0-4-2) sts. K3 (4-0-4-2). 118 (124-138-144- 152) sts. Break MC. Place a marker at end of last rnd.
Next rnd: With A, knit.

i am not able to understand these steps can u please explain me

thank you


I am going to explain one part of the pattern, which should hopefully explain the other parts. If you are having problems with specific language in the pattern, it would be helpful if you point out specifically which parts are giving you issues.

So for the part that says: *K13. M1. K14 (14-13-13- 9). M1. Rep from * 5 (5-6-6-8) times more. K2 (2-2-2-4). 176 (176-198- 198-220) sts.

You will knit 13 stitches and then you will do a M1 increase which is usually done with the running strand in between stitches on your needle. I'd check out www.knittinghelp.com for more information about increases.

As to the part that reads "K14 (14-13-13- 9)." this is a pattern for multiple sizes. The first step -- K14 is for the smallest size. The numbers inside the parentheses are for the remaining sizes getting larger as you move from left to right with k9 being the largest size. So if you are making the middle size you would K13.

When working with patterns that have multiple sizes, many knitters like to make a copy and then either circle or highlight the numbers for the size they are working.

* 5 (5-6-6-8) times more. K2 (2-2-2-4). At the very beginning of your instructions for this row there was an asterisk *. Go back to that point and repeat it as many times as called for for your size. So again, if you are knitting the middle size, you would repeat the following instructions six more times: k13, M1, K13, M1. Then to finish the row you would K2.

176 (176-198- 198-220) sts. -- when you finish this row you should have 198 stitches. I like patterns that give you a stitch count after you do increases or decreases. Not all patterns provide this information, although you should be able to calculate it yourself from the row instructions.

thank you for ur help it was so help full