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Discover Story Boards

I'm very knew to teaching at Michael's and trying very hard to promote as much as I can for the classes. So far, it doesn't seem like there's a big interest, but it's very knew to the area and I know that interest will develop slowly.

I saw information on this site about creating a story board to help with the promotion of classes. I'm going to do another demo on Saturday and wanted to know has anyone created a story board? If so, can you share pictures or direct me to the area that has pictures? I just want to get some ideas on what to add or how to create one. It will be very helpful. Thanks!

You will want to talk to your Store Manager or CEM (if you have one) before creating anything. If you store is a Store of the Future, this is a certain way the classroom needs to look and they are NOT using the story boards that instructors have made.

The best route is to ask each of your stores what THEIR policy is regarding the story boards.


Thansk for replying. I will touch base with my stores to see what they want to do. I thought it would be great because they don't have anything advertising the Dicover Knit and Crochet classes the way they advertise the floral and jewelry. Thanks again for responding. :)