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new to crochet downy dream afghan

first please help, and next thank you so much in advance for your time and help.i have only made a granny squares afghan.my neighbor just had her first baby, and came home today. i dont like the granny square one for the baby. i found this pattern for the downy dream blanket, and loved it right away.i got started without much trouble, and got my first row done this morning. heres my trouble, i dont quite understand how to do the second row, or how to apply it correctly. my teacher that taught me so far is no longer available. i have no one to show me.here is how it reads, but if u need to see a pic idk u would have to do a search.any way,
row 2 ch 5, turn; 5 hdc in second ch from hook, skip next 4 hdc, sc in next hdc; repeat from across.

maybe i shouldnt have looked at the pic, cause i keep trying to see how it could work, and it makes me more confused. so, anyone that could help me would be sooo appreciated.



I don't have the pattern but let's parse out the instructions you have posted:

row 2 ch 5, turn; After you finish Row 1, make 5 chains and then turn your work so that you can begin Row 2.

5 hdc in second ch from hook, In the second chain from the hook, work 5 hdc (half double crochets).

skip next 4 hdc, Presumably for Row 1, you worked hdc's. So count out four hdc's from row 1 and skip past them.

sc in next hdc; Now into the next hdc, the fifth one,m you will work an sc.

repeat from across: I assume there was an asterisk * which didn't appear in the posted instructions. Go back to where the asterisk * is noted on the instructions and repeat all the steps that follow the asterisk.

Looks like a beautiful Afghan >
Look at the Picture > every other row is going to be the opposite
as you look at it - I think if you do the stitches - slowly > it will
turn out FINE .

Mother Hen ♥