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Figuring gauge when changing yarn weight

I am planning to make a sweater that calls for #4worsted yarn. The yarn I want to use is #5heavy. I made a gauge swatch. There is one or two fewer sts in 4" and one more row in 4", so how do I change my needle size to get the gauge right? I tried on one size lower needles and it was off both ways( too many rows and sts) It seems to me that the gauge isn't reflecting the yarn size like I thought it would (although the yarn says its #5 heavy, it looks like a worsted weight to me) Any suggestions or am I just fussing too much and the stitch count is close enough to just go with the original size needles and yarn.

you should have in your stash the gauge reader,

its split for crochet & knitting, its either metal or plastic..or Bamboo

What it is a 4x4 gauge readert has each size of a crochet hook /knitting needle it will have holes
** it does not have a larger size such as 25mm listed.. unless there's specialty ones created via web

what you do is place your stitch into the hole if the pattern says you should be using 5 needle go to that.. if the stitch isnt that size go up until it fits the hole.. it basically supposed to help maintain your tension.

brand names make this Susan Bates, Clover, Boye ,

You can buy these at walmart they only carry one type at selected stores.. its bout $2.00

Visit your craft stores here

ACMOORE, HOBBY LOBBY JOANNS, MICHAELS <--- prices from them ranges up 3.00

*always check online for each stores flyer, then call up the store thats near you to confirm that item is available, most of these stores tend to have less then ten available.. and if theres low stock place on one hold that way you dont schelp to that store for nothing..

* becareful when you buy at Joanns because they might run a sale and the gauge reader might apply as accessories. * your not allowed to use a coupon on sale items.. unless stated on the coupon otherwise.

. if your have a cellphone that is Android based or iphone download their app
this way you can see whats on sale before you go there..
*i purchased mine at the big brand craft stores with 50% or higher percent discounts (depending on the discount)

you should have two of them... one for your car ,thats if you craft after work or days off, one for home...

or local craft stores if there in your area.. call them first before you take a trip to their store and get the price and see if theyd accept other retailer coupons.. if they do thats terrific.. if not well least ya tried..

Best Wishes