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Help with Knitting directions

I'm new at this.I am making a sensation boucle rainbow throw. it says to cast on12 stitches then knit 24 rows.after that cast on 12 stitches k to the end.
next row cast on 12 stitches k 12 p 12
row 1 knit
row 2 k 12 p 12 rep rows 1&2 eleven more times.-12 garter stiches on rs.I know garter stitch is a knit stitch but i don't know what they mean by -12 garter stitches. should that row end in a garter st?


If this is the pattern you're working: http://knightsandknits.blogspot.ca/2008/12/softly-striped-cozy-throw-pat... , then just follow the directions as written. Use stitch markers! Use paper and pen if needed to keep track of exactly what row you're on. I think that maybe the writer of your copy of the pattern mistakenly wrote that bit about 12 garter stitches. The whole afghan is alternating 'blocks' of garter and stockinette, each 12 stitches wide. It should look striking when finished.