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LM0275 Two-Tone Crochet Vest

I am confused about the directions for Tweedle Dee Vest, LM0275. From this point on, Am I crocheting on top of crochet stitches? I can not make sens of it. If anyon has previously done this pattern, I would appreciate your input.: Skip next 4 dc of last long row, chain 3 .......... where is this happening at, it appears to me it happening in the middle of the garmet???

BACK: Keeping continuity of color change, with wrong
side facing, skip next 4 dc of last long row, join CA in
next dc; ch 3, [skip next dc, V-st in next dc, skip next dc]
12 (14, 16, 18) times, dc in next dc; turn. Work even in
pat on these 38 (44, 50, 56) sts until 1 row less than
Front to shoulder, end wrong side row.
Divide for Neck and Shoulders: Ch 3, skip first dc,
dc in next 8 (11, 13, 16) sts. Fasten off.
With right side facing, skip center 20 (20, 22, 24) sts,
attach CA in next st; ch 3, dc in each st to end. Fasten
RIGHT FRONT: With wrong side facing, skip next 4 dc
of last long row, join CB in next dc; ch 3, work same as
Left Front reversing shapings.