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I cant figure out this pattern

My pattern reads: skip 4 sc, (dc,ch1,dc,ch1,dc,ch,d1) in next st. My first question is which st to crochet in. My second question is if i should do all of those crochets in one st because when i look at the reference photo, it doesnt look right. I'm really eager to finish this project and i'm really worried my time and effort was a waste because i couldnt figure this out. Please reply soon, thanks.


first question, you are to work in the 5th stitch. skip the 4 then work in the 5th. skip the next 4 and work in the 5.

second, this is a shell that has extra spaces in it. this kind of thing is a lacy shell or if you look at pineapple stitches, this is the base. it won't be a waste, you can either trust the pattern or if you think it's wrong, swatch that section. and see where you could fix it to look like the photo. mistakes do happen.

you can also check for errata online to make sure the pattern is right. type in the name of the pattern and errata and see what pops up.