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Patons Pirouette Yarn Shawl

I am an instructor but I am having trouble reading a pattern on Michaels website If you could be so kind and go to their website and look up Patons Pirouette Shawl under projects I would appreciate it. I don't understand it.
Thank You


It was a little confusing for me as well. It starts out small and it gets wider as you continue down the rows. You follow the first row as it is stated. Once you finish row one, and you have one loop left on your hook, you turn your work upside down with the chain side and big loop section on the bottom and the boarder with the pom poms and small squares are on top. The working yarn stays the same with the boarder at the bottom and the big hole section on top! This is the start of neck now you will work "down for the length and width of the shawl. For row two you insert your hook in small space above your chain 6 from row 1, with the working yarn in the back of the work you pick up the next big loop draw it through the small hole and then to the loop on the crochet hook. Then you skip the next two small loops on the border and insert the crochet hook through the next loop and pick up the next large loop from the working yarn. Repeat this until you are at the end of row one thus finishing row two. Repeat this process for rows 3-6 and fasten off. I hope this helps.

I was excited to see this shawl made with the ruffle yarn. "Turning Upside down" is a very unusual technique! At the point where that is required, just stretch out the yarn, and estimate a spot on the bottom of the yarn (where the pompoms are) that is straight down from your last stitch. You will insert your hook into the small stitches on the bottom and twist the yarn around so you can then yarn over in the big hole of the top and pull through the little hole. You will be working through the little holes on the bottom of the yarn to create the fabric of the shawl. The yarn will be pinched up at that place, but it looks fine. That "pinch" will be on one side of every row and it adds a bit of bulk for the edge. The edge is firm enough to tie or use a shawl pin. It looks messy until about the 4th row -then it turns beautiful!