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would I be able to crochet?

Posted by: maggie64 (IP Logged)
Date: October 02, 2009 08:11AM

I have a disability and don't have very much strength in my fingers. But I'd like to learn how to crochet. Does it take much dexterity/strength in the hands and fingers? Thanks...


Posted by: Mother Hen (IP Logged)
Date: October 02, 2009 08:30AM

Maggie !! Hi

There are Crochet Hooks that work well in helping to lesson the holding squeeze and working the hook.

I use some hooks that LIZ pointed me to over a year ago.

These grips fit over hooks

Hooks are sold separately

Lighted hooks > I have 2 of these === and I have Lighted Knitting Needles also

I don't have problems , but I just like the way these hooks feel and work.

Check with the craft stores or on line for Special Crochet Hooks for Special needs sewers!
You may have to order on line if the stores near you don't carry them.

You will have some finger and wrist soreness if you
(or I am 70 = even) squeeze too hard with tension .
Try to relax - is the idea < so the craft will be enjoyable .

Mother Hen <><
" Creating Is A God Thing "

Posted by: maggie64 (IP Logged)
Date: October 02, 2009 01:05PM

thanks so much!!

Posted by: Alex (IP Logged)
Date: October 05, 2009 12:04PM

Before you invest in any extra equipment (which you may or may not end up needing), why not just get a moderately large plastic hook, say a J or K, and some inexpensive worsted yarn and try some basic stitches. Keep the work somewhat loose and you may find that it's not all that difficult.

I'd advise that you stay away from steel hooks and fine threads as these do put a bit of a strain on the hands. I have problems (sometimes I wear an elastic glove) and I crochet rather tightly so I tire easily. I have found the grips to be of no use although some people like them tremendously. I always have several knit and crochet projects going at once. Switching back and forth and going at a moderate pace (not the speed of my youth) keeps my hands from cramping.