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it sure helps to have the same size of knitting needles!!! (I bet)

alex wrote 4 years 23 weeks ago


Sally, Can we assume that the owner of the car (a woman for goodness sake!!) either has no imagination or is hopelessly ill-informed about matters anatomical? I'll never pick up a circ again without having that bizarre notion cross my mind.

Sally J wrote 4 years 23 weeks ago


I too have had a circular needlebreak. It was part of one of those sets of interchangeable needles, and it pretty much soured me on that concept. On another ocassion, a circular needle fell out of my bag in someone else's car. She got it back to me, but wondered if it was an IUD.

knitingmom wrote 4 years 23 weeks ago


When I and my husband were traveling often to the VA hospital about 135 miles away, I'd sit in the back seat of our volunteer driver's car and knit. We were well on our way one day when all got quiet and ... SNAP! I was indeed intently knitting and the needle end of my circ broke. Believe me, everyone came to attention. Our driver knew how important knitting was to me, promptly found a Michaels store and had me hurry in to get a replacement. And if I may brag a bit, that sweater won Top of Show at our local county fair that summer.

Happy Knitting!!! Marian

KT wrote 4 years 23 weeks ago


Not a funny story but a comment -- I can never find the size I want among my needle stash until I got out and buy new ones. Then of course, I find 2-3 pair scattered in various places among my knitting projects and FO's.

alex wrote 4 years 24 weeks ago


Do you have a funny story re. needles? We could use a laugh.

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