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twin crochet afghan

I want to make a crochet twin size afghan using the afghan stitch.
How many chain stitches do I start with, and how many rows do I make?

I have several balloon cross stitch graphs I want to use. How large should they be for this size afghan?

Another question: I would like to use a bamboo afghan hook with an extender. I have never used an afghan hook with an extender before and was wondering if the work well?

Thank you for any help you can give.


You need to work a sample swatch using the hook and yarn for your project. Do a swatch that measures 6-8 inches square. Then measure the number of stitches in the middle over 4 inches and the number of rows in the middle over 4 inches to determine how many stitches/rows per inch. With this information, you can calculate how many chains you need for your foundation and how many rows you should work.

If you are doing the basic afghan stitch, it will curl up, so you should also plan to do an all around border of 2-4 inches deep so you need to factor the border depth into your overall size. So if you decide you will have a 2 inch border all around your afghan, this will add 4 inches to the length (2" for the bottom and 2" for the top) and 4 inches to the width (2 inches on each side.)

I'm not familiar with an extender so I don't have any thoughts for you. When I have worked a large afghan in afghan stitch in one piece, I used an afghan hook with a flexible cable end.

As to your balloon graphs, again, with your gauge you can determine how many and where you want to place your balloons.