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Cat Afghan Pattern

Hi everyone, I am looking for an afghan that has a cat motif. I would prefer if it was in a granny square pattern. Can anyone help?




There is a pattern called "kittens in a row", however I don't think this is what you are looking for. Did you try Crochet Pattern Central"? They have loads of afghan patterns.

Hi Carol,
I don't know if you found some patterns yet but I have two cat afghan patterns. One can be found free from Family Circle at http://www.knitsimplemag.com/pdf/catafghan11.21.pdf

The other is a crochet pattern also using squares. It is on E-Bay for all of $2.99. I have made it and it is lovely. See it at http://cgi.ebay.com/Cat-In-the-Window-Afghan-Crochet-Pattern_W0QQitemZ23...

Good luck and hope this helps.


Thanks everyone, I found a pattern that I modified a little and it worked great.


So what did you do? And did you find any suitable Christmas tree patterns? I Googled them and there are a LOT of sites. Is this a really popular party theme that I missed hiding out in my clamshell?

Hi Alex, No i didn't take pictures. I actually made 2, my granddaughter wanted pink and purple kittens, so I made a small one for her. The ugly christmas sweater party was not my idea. I saw it on the Sunday Morning show and thought it would be a hoot of fun for a party on top of a great Christmas my mother gives. I will try and take some pics of both the afghan and the 2 sweaters I'm crocheting for the party. One is half done and the other is in progress

Thanks for asking