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I appologize for asking likely obvious and ridiculous questions but I am BRAND NEW to knitting. Knitting my very first item and am teaching myself with no one to ask...
I am knitting from my very first pattern. It is a pattern for sock monkeys and other animals made by Patons. I'm making the elephant and so far the entire pattern has been in the round. The pattern has just switched to knitting with only 2 needles and says "Work back and forth across needle in rows". I'm assuming this means normal knitting, row by row. Is that corect?
The 1st row says (RS) Knit.
I know that (RS) means Right Side, but is that indicating that the side I start on WILL BE the Right Side, or is there already a right and wrong side after casting on and I should be knitting from a specific side?

Thank you so much for your time!

The good news is that sometimes there is no bad news. You've figured it out both directions correctly.

The one thing that you might not be aware of though is that when you work stockinette stitch in the round (I don't know that this is your stitch pattern; just guessing from the context), you knit every round. When you work back and forth on two needles you have to alternate knit and purl rows. So that may be why the directions specify that that particular row is the right side. It could also be that the pattern is for garter stitch which is worked the opposite way, alternating knit and purl in the round and straight knitting back and forth on two needles. In either event, when rs or ws is specified, it does mean that the row you are working on at the time is that particular side.

And, by the way, there is no ridiculous question. Better to catch a problem at the onset than to waste a lot of time pulling your knitting (and your hair) out after a big mistake.

Congrats and welcome to the forum.

right side means you will be working in the front loop thats facing you..

wrong side means the opposite side.. aka back loop

its very tedious to do single sided work..ive found.. thats why i avoid it at all costs...

but good luck overall