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Puckering when changing stitches

I'm crocheting an afghan in a square. I need to lengthen it on two sides. I've been doing the back loops only. When I try to lengthen on one side going through two loops, it puckers just as if I had INCREASED the hook size. I tried decreasing the hook size from J to I, but it only helped a little. I'm trying to finish a Xmas project! Help!

KT wrote 4 years 17 weeks ago

Puckering problems

Hmmmmm. . . . . If you just go through the back loop on the edge, do you still get the puckering? If not, could you consider just going through the back loop for the edging, too? If yes, then it may be a matter than you tension has changed a little since you did the original body. Or, even though you are using the same hook size, is it the same hook? I know that because of the shape/material of some of my hooks, even if they are in fact the same size, my tension will be slightly different.

If all else is the same and you want to go through the two back loops, blocking after you finish may resolve this matter.

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